Breakfast-for-Dinner Double Potato & Broccoli Hash

When I was a kid, my mom used to make hash for breakfast on the weekends. She always used the canned kind with the corn beef and tiny diced potatoes. What? I wasn’t always a vegetarian! When you think “hash,” most of us think of a hearty breakfast dish that’s a conglomerate of eggs, potatoes, […]

No-Roll Sweet Potato Enchilada Skillet

Things that are difficult: Finals week. Getting my lazy butt to the gym. Not passing out while at the gym. Not eating back all the calories I just burned at the gym when I get home. Making myself look presentable on a bad hair day. Keeping kittens off the Christmas tree. Getting out of bed. […]

Mexican Sweet Potato & Bean Skillet w/ White Cheddar Queso

Nothing impresses me more than a multi-talented meal. I’m talking about the dish that does it all. Quick, easy, nutritious, attractive, and above all, delicious. Sure, there are plenty of foods out there that cover one or two of those things. But how many foods do you know that possess them all? That’s what makes […]


Skillet Pizza Monkey Bread

Oh, cast-iron skillet, shall I count the ways in which I adore thee? I don’t know why, but everything is better when cooked in a skillet. It’s just so fun, and convenient for that matter. You essentially make a whole meal with one pan. And the possibilities are limited only by your hungry imagination. So […]

Skillet Eggs w/ Squash & Sweet Potatoes

Some recipes look daunting and complex. Most of them are. Other times, however, you come across a recipe that appears intimidating, sinister even, but is actually mind-blowingly simple. Let these Skillet Eggs with Squash and Sweet Potatoes be a prime example of that. This dish taught me not to judge a recipe by its photo. […]