FAQs with The Smart Cookie Cook 2 (Video)

Y’all are full of questions. That’s okay, because I love it. I thought I’d compile a few into a video and answer them for you. This is my second FAQ video, but feel free to leave comments asking more questions you have. I might just have to do a third video!

Winter 144

The Weekender: Smart Cookie on TV, Endless Snow, & V-Day

You guys are probably just as sick of hearing people complain about all the snow as you are the snow itself, but seriously, this is a little much. Winter is never a peach in CNY, but this year seems particularly horrid. I am about ready to quit school and go south ASAP. But perhaps I […]


Warm Vanilla Buttercream Dream Drink + How-to Video

Being The Smart Cookie Cook, Valentine’s Day for me isn’t so much about love for another person as it is love for chocolate and sweets. I’ve long gotten over resenting the day simply because I’m single and instead embrace it as a season full of sugar. Oh, how I adore sugar. I could write endless […]

Fall '137

The Weekender: TV Debut, Vain Cats, & Turkey Day

It’s been another big week for The Smart Cookie Cook. I had a magazine interview, made my television debut, and we’ve been celebrating Turkey-Approved Week here on the blog. Don’t worry if you missed any of the Thanksgiving festivities along the way; we’re reviewing this week’s posts right now. Let’s review, shall we?


Turkey-Approved Week, Day 5: What Smart Cookie is Thankful For Video

Welcome to Turkey-Approved Week on The Smart Cookie Cook, seven straight days of mouth-watering Thanksgiving recipes that no turkeys were harmed in the making of. With my creative Smart Cookie twist on every recipe, you’re going to have one delicious feast this year! Check out Day 1′s Butternut Squash Alfredo Gnocchi, Day 2′s Apple Cider […]

HK Halloween Cake

Halloween Hello Kitty Cookie-Cake + How-To Video

Have you ever noticed how incredibly versatile and ever-classy Hello Kitty is? She’s always dressed to the nines in outfits for every single occasion you can think of, and a few more you never realized were necessary to have an outfit for until she did. I love that she knows how to look cute for […]


Halloween S’mOreo Brownies + How-To Video

It’s about to get spooky up in the Smart Cookie kitchen. Halloween, my all-time favorite holiday, is only a little over a month away. We’ve got to get ready and prepare an arsenal of treats so delicious, it’s scary. Today, I’m giving you the tools to craft the ultimate Halloween recipe weapon: Halloween S’mOreo Brownies. […]


The Weekender: Belated B-Days, Cat-Aerobics, & Fall Begins

I can feel the seasons shifting here. In CNY, we don’t get a very graceful transitional period from season to season, so fall and spring almost don’t exist. I have to enjoy what little of fall there is while I still can, and that time seems to be upon us. Let us embrace it, my […]


Hummus & Avocado Zucchini Bites + How-to Video

Am I on a hummus kick lately? Perhaps. But can you really blame me? There’s not a dip on the planet that’s creamier or easier to make. It’s simple, but that’s what makes it so incredible. You can make it in a flash, and then you can serve it on or with anything under the […]


FM Week, Day 4: Spinach & Feta Snack Bites & A Can’t-Miss Video

Welcome to Day 3 of Farmers Market Week on Smart Cookie! What makes this time of year so delicious is the cornucopia of good-quality fresh fruits and veggies available at farmers markets and roadside stands. So, all this week, I’ll bring you a new recipe loaded with fresh produce. It’s all leading up to a […]