Cheesy Twice-Baked Caramelized Onion & Sage Sweet Potatoes + Video

The Thanksgiving menu is a controversial topic in all households. Most families stick to a concrete plan, and to switch it up would ignite chaos. But if no one is really happy with a dish that gets served year after year, why keep making it? Perhaps you need to take that played-out sweet potato casserole […]


Brown Rice, Chickpeas & Spinach w/ Simple Sweet Potato Sauce

Do you know what the first thing I want to do after a long day is? Eat. Do you know what the last thing I want to do after a long day is? Cook. Do you see the problem here? My days are generally pretty exhausting and seemingly never-ending. I get up, go to classes, […]

Healthy Cookie: Sweet Potato & Spinach Balls

I have very little self-control when it comes to delicious foods. Whether we’re talking about a basket of fries or a big bowl of mac and cheese, I just can’t put on the brakes. Unfortunately though, this predicament seems to only affect me around unhealthy, indulgent foods. Carrots or spinach? Not so much. It figures […]

Holiday Sides: Ma’s Sweet Potato Casserole

Do you ever wish you could pop back in time and give your childhood-self a good smack on the head? There were a lot of moments in my childhood that make me wish I could do just that. Take for example the slow-motion memory of my kindergarten school project, made of 100 rainbow beads painstakingly […]

Sweet Potato Pepper Jack Soup

I did not appreciate sweet potatoes as a kid. It wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t like them; I just never ate them. In fact, the only time I ever consumed sweet potatoes was once a year on Thanksgiving. I think I was too deep in my white potato obsession to focus on sweet potatoes. As […]

Mexican Sweet Potato & Bean Skillet w/ White Cheddar Queso

Nothing impresses me more than a multi-talented meal. I’m talking about the dish that does it all. Quick, easy, nutritious, attractive, and above all, delicious. Sure, there are plenty of foods out there that cover one or two of those things. But how many foods do you know that possess them all? That’s what makes […]

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: 2 Ways

If you know me well, then you know I’m a vegetarian. But if you know me really well, then you know I do my best not to go parading that fact around Smart Cookie. I love providing vegetarian recipes, but I don’t want to exclude meat eaters from enjoying this site too. Every eater is […]

Skillet Eggs w/ Squash & Sweet Potatoes

Some recipes look daunting and complex. Most of them are. Other times, however, you come across a recipe that appears intimidating, sinister even, but is actually mind-blowingly simple. Let these Skillet Eggs with Squash and Sweet Potatoes be a prime example of that. This dish taught me not to judge a recipe by its photo. […]

Kale & Sweet Potato Pasta w/ Two Cheeses

I have a special tale for you today, my little cookies, one of marvel and splendor. They say there is a fantastical world where healthy and indulgent come together as one; a place where foods bountiful in nutrition simultaneously provide comfort and pleasure. Every bite boasts an utterly sinful amount of deliciousness, while also giving […]