Pasta Marinara Garlic Bread Bowl

There’s nothing that makes my carb-loving self happier than a meal that includes bread and pasta. Any restaurant that serves up complimentary hot bread and butter before my meal automatically wins a spot in my heart for that very reason. The best thing is when I save a little piece of bread and dunk it […]


Baked Tortellini Parmesan

Any dish with the word “parmesan” is fantastic in my book. When I was a kid, and I still ate meat, I loved cheesy chicken parmesan. Then, when I became a vegetarian at age 14, I discovered the magical dish that is eggplant parmesan. My mother and I pretty much discovered the best recipe of […]


Simple Secret Ingredient Marinara with Penne

The other day, as I was brainstorming a hearty dinner of Roasted Red Pepper Veggie Burgers, Mother Cookie made the unfathomable suggestion that we buy some frozen French fries to go on the side. Can you believe it? I wanted to make fresh homemade veggie burgers, and she had the audacity to suggest frozen French […]

Summer 1411

Rosie’s Trattoria – Randolph, NJ

For my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, I was quite set on going to my favorite restaurant of all-time, Mama’s Restaurant in Hackettstown, NJ. However, Sister Cookie told me about a restaurant she recently tried with Eggplant Rollantini she claimed could rival Mama’s. Given that Mama’s Eggplant Rollantini is my favorite restaurant dish of […]


Go-To Tomato Sauce for Pizza, Pasta & More

Perfect tomato sauce – everybody needs one. They’re a quintessential tool to have in your recipe arsenal. But it’s possible you might have a couple different ones for different purposes, like your grandma’s day-long spaghetti sauce or your dad’s best pizza sauce. Let me save you some time and memory space by providing you with […]


Baked Tortellini & Broccoli Alfredo

Let me give you some options here: you can go out to some chain restaurant, sit with a bunch of people you don’t know, and order an overpriced meal that will probably be sub-par, or you can make this Baked Tortellini & Broccoli Alfredo in the comfort of your own home for less money and […]


Rosario Eggplant Stuffed Shells

I often take you guys with me when I go on food adventures. That means I’ll post reviews of almost all the places I eat at, and give you photos to drool over. We’ve visited Mama’s Restaurant in Hackettstown, NJ multiple times because it’s my favorite restaurant of all-time, and I can never say enough […]


Perfect Blush Sauce

You and I have a pretty close relationship by now. You know my ins and outs, everything from my addiction to sugar to my undying love for pizza. Think about it; you and I talk every day when you get my posts in your email or in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. By now, you’ve […]


Spinach-Basil-Parmesan Pesto

Yesterday, I told you guys all about how deceptive whipped cream is since it seems like this fancy, complicated challenge to make, when it’s actually the opposite. Pesto falls under the same category. It’s green and flavorful, and rather intimidating. The fact that it’s absolutely delicious also makes you think it must be hard to […]


Easy, Big, Fat Garlic Knots

I know we’re all supposed to be afraid of bread and carbs, but my god, sometimes you just need them. When it comes to eating your emotions, I swear no food makes me feel better than some good, starchy carbs. They fill me up with artificial comfort, and make my tummy happy. Maybe they don’’t […]