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The Weekender: Best Selfies, Service, & Breakfast

It’s my first weekender post in almost a year! In case you haven’t noticed, YES, I am back in action! You can catch up on what the heck I’ve been doing for a year here. And as far as food you may have missed since I’ve been back, I’ve got all my newest posts right […]

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14 Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Whether you’re rooting for your fave team, watching just for the sake of tradition, or only paying attention during half-time and commercials, these 14 Easy Super Bowl Recipes are going to make your Sunday the best ever. Because we don’t care THAT much about who wins or loses; we wanna hang out and eat some great […]


Mozzarella Tomato Basil Pull-Apart Bread

I’ve been wanting to share this Mozzarella Tomato Basil Pull-Apart Bread with you since Christmas. I know you’re looking at all that cheesy beauty and wondering how the heck I could hold out on you for that long. But rather than being mad at me, let’s just be glad we can come together now over this shareable […]


The Weekender: Challenges, Spring, and Caturday

Finally! Beautiful weather has arrived in CNY! I don’t know how short-lived it may be, but for the weekend at least, I’m basking in bountiful sunshine and can actually go outside without a winter coat. It’s the little things! Speaking of little things, we shared a variety of incredible recipes this week, including two jam-packed […]

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The Weekender: Bunnies, Kitties, and New Kicks

I can’t believe it, but I made it through April Fool’s Day without getting pranked. How’d you make out? Don’t worry if you got caught up in all the hoopla this week; you can still catch up on Smart Cookie eats right now: 4- Cheese Scalloped Potatoes Lemon and Garlic Green Beans and Shallots Carrot […]


The Weekender: The Gym, Jumps, & Games

Oh how wonderful it is to see more sunlight every day! Losing an hour of sleep for daylight saving is a pain, but I’m over the shock of it and enjoying leaving work and the gym while it’s still bright out. I’m so very ready for spring and sunshine. Let’s take a look at the […]

Pierogi Veggie Skillet

The Weekender: Cat Selfies & Pizza Dates

It’s starting to feel like spring here in CNY already! Unfortunately, my allergies also got that memo. I just can’t win. I’m sad to report that one of camera cards bit the dust the week, which caused me to lose some photos. But I still cranked out some delicious stuff to share with you: Pierogi […]

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Smart Cookie Shopping 68: Muffins, Cookies, & Popcorn

If you’re a snacker, then you’re about to have a field day with the food reviews in this week’s edition of Smart Cookie Shopping. I’ve got Oreos, popcorn, crackers, and more that you just may want to add to your shopping list this week. We’ll take a look at what’s new and worthwhile on the […]


Vegetable & Pierogi Skillet

What kind of Polish girl would I be if I didn’t turn pierogis into the perfect weeknight dinner with this Vegetable & Pierogi Skillet? Maybe I’m not a perfect Polish girl; after all, these pierogis weren’t homemade (sorry, Grandma Cookie). I picked them up from my grocery store, and they were fresh, not frozen, so […]

Chocolate Coconut Tart

The Weekender: Pizza, Push-Ups, and Triscuits

This back-and-forth winter is driving me bonkers. In one respect, I’m happy to have so many mild breaks, but the up-and-down temperatures are making weird things happen. There’s all this ice everywhere from the melting and re-freezing, so walking through parking lots involves abundant penguin-waddling. Then there’s the fact that my body doesn’t know what’s […]