Fontina Blush Sauce with Ravioli & Eggplant

I had a very busy weekend, but what else is new? I had plenty of homework and a speech to write, but I was still determined to find time to relax. No matter how much crap I had to do, I wanted to have one night of cooking and enjoying a nice dinner. If you […]

Fontina Potato Soup & Introducing Smart Cookie Chatter

Attention, my little cookies! Want to be a part of next week’s video? I will be featuring a new segment called Smart Cookie Chatter in which I answer all of your questions. The topic this week is “desserts,” but no questions are really off-limits. Submit your questions/comments below or on The Smart Cookie Chatter Page […]

Baked Fontina Dip

This one’s for all the foodies who have ever asked, “Is it socially acceptable to consume mounds of melted cheese and nothing more?” It’s time to fess up; many of us desire to do just that. The good news is, you finally can. You see, the trick is to be crafty about it. If you […]