Scalloped Potatoes

The Weekender: Bunnies, Kitties, and New Kicks

I can’t believe it, but I made it through April Fool’s Day without getting pranked. How’d you make out? Don’t worry if you got caught up in all the hoopla this week; you can still catch up on Smart Cookie eats right now: 4- Cheese Scalloped Potatoes Lemon and Garlic Green Beans and Shallots Carrot […]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cadbury Egg Baskets

It’s no secret that I try to find at least one new recipe for Cadbury Mini Eggs every year, and this year, I created Chocolate Chip Cookie Cadbury Egg Baskets. Each edible basket is built from a chewy chocolate chip cookie. Don’t you wish every Easter basket was like that? The tiny, chocolaty baskets are lined […]


Easter Lamb Cake

They say “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” but we experienced the ferocity of a lion both entering and leaving March this year. I’m clinging to hope that things will shape up in April, but judging by the forecast for this weekend, I may have to wait a bit […]


Every Recipe You Need for the Perfect Easter

Do you suppose the Easter Bunny is a good cook, or do you think his meals consist solely of hard-boiled eggs and candy? I suppose I could live off of candy. Sign me up for the next Easter Bunny search when the old guy retires! Since Easter is this Sunday, April 5, I’ve got a […]


Mini Cadbury Creme Egg-Stuffed Confetti Cookie Bombs w/ Chocolate Glaze

When the Easter Bunny used to bring baskets for my sister and I, we prayed for Cadbury Creme Eggs. Those were, and still are, my favorite Easter candies. I loved the thick chocolate shells that cracked to reveal a gooey cream filling of sugary elation. It was a bonus when, after taking all the toys […]


Cadbury Egg Caramel Cake Milkshake

It’s that time of year, my friends! The Cadbury Mini Eggs are springing up in stores everywhere, and that makes me one happy cookie. If you’ve never tried Cadbury Mini Eggs, you might wonder what makes them so great. There is something so satisfying about biting into that crunchy, flaky shell and reaching ultra-creamy and […]

Winter 159

The Weekender: Arctic Blast, Lambs, & Cuteness

I am deeply concerned we shall never see spring here in CNY. We’ve had consistently single digit temperatures for weeks, and the snow just keeps falling. We’re starting to run out of places to put it. I shudder to think what should happen if it ever actually does warm up here and those mountains of […]

Egg & Avocado Double Cheese Flatbread

The Weekender: Awards, Animals, & Injuries

Happy Easter everyone! I hope y’all will forgive me for not posting last week, but I was enjoying a very rare weekend with the entire Cookie family. More on that later. First, let’s take a look back at this week’s eats so you’re all caught up and ready for next week’s grubbing. Let’s review, shall […]

Almond Joy Poke Cake

34 Best Easter Recipes

This Easter is going to be a little different for me because it will be the first year I don’t spend it with Mother & Father Cookie. A few states may separate us, but no distance can really keep us apart. Plus, I am grateful to have people I love in the area who are […]


Easter Lemon Poke Cake

There are a lot of fancy and festive Easter recipes floating around the web right now, many of which may have enticed you until you saw how much work they were. Plenty of folks find enjoyment in making elaborate meals for special occasions, but plenty more want something that’s as easy as it is impressive. […]