comfort foods

27 Comfort Foods to Warm You Up This Fall

We went from 90 degrees to cool and cloudy 50’s in a matter of two days here. I can no longer deny that fall is quickly creeping up on me, and it’s time to prepare. I’m not talking about going shopping for sweaters and boots; I’m talking about rounding up my best fall comfort food […]

Blushing Mozzarella Marinara (and a Lesson in Psychology)

Have you have had a week from hell? You know, the kind when you have a million deadlines approaching, presentations in every class, you’ve got no car because you got rear-ended, and you’re sick as a dog? I don’t know about you, but when I have weeks like that, my body begs for something cheesy, […]

Cheesy Potato Soup in a Bread Bowl

Today, I had a revelation: Soup is so much better in a bread bowl. Now, let’s not get it twisted. This Cheesy Potato Soup is my favorite soup ever, and it’s incredible with or without the bread bowl. It is smooth, creamy, and oh so cheesy. You see, it’s not your typical potato soup. Most […]

Secret Ingredient Vegetarian Chili Topped w/ Caramelized Onions

Vegetarian recipes are tricky. For one to really be a success, it’s got to satisfy the vegetarians AND the meat-lovers out there. A true vegetarian recipe isn’t just delicious; it’s deceptive. It uses tasty tricks and alternative forms of protein to distract you from the missing meat. You see, with a good vegetarian dish, you […]

Sweet & Simple: Oreos and Peanut Butter

There are many edible examples of a match made in heaven: french fries & ketchup, peanut butter & jelly, grilled cheese & soup. But have you ever heard of peanut butter and Oreos? It’s kind of an underground thing. You’ve either never imagined such a thing or you’ve been enjoying this pair in unison since […]