SC’s Easter Extravaganza: Favorite Easter Treats

Holidays mean one thing and one thing only in the Smart Cookie Household: food! On the menu for this fabulous Spring Sunday is Brussel Sprout Gratin, Scalloped Potatoes w/ Cheddar & Gruyere, Garlic Knots w/ a twist, and more. Did I mention there’s my Babci’s Famous Carrot Cake for dessert? Never fear, my little cookies. […]

Pierogi Casserole (VIDEO)

I am just about as Polish as they come. People constantly point out my “round polish face,” I’ve been raised on real, homemade potato pancakes, and I have a small tattoo written in Polish. When I was younger, I used to think being Polish was boring. I had friends who were Irish, Scottish, Italian, and […]

Princess Valentine Cookie Sammies w/ Strawberry Buttercream Filling

I apologize in advance for the epic amounts of girlishness crammed into these cookies. It just sort of happened. I’m not five-years-old, I SWEAR. I am, however, a kid at heart. As I explained to you while discussing my latest Wegmans finds, I am, and will forever be, a Disney girl. When I saw that […]

Giant Triple Chocolate Bookie

No typo here, my little cookies. This is a bookie: a cookie-brownie hybrid. I’ve also seen these referred to “brookies,” but that’s not a very linguistically pleasing word. Bookie is much more fun to say. Bookie. See? If you’re anything like me, then choosing between cookies and brownies is tough. Cookies are so snackable* and […]

Soft Sweetheart Sugar Cookies

People possess very mixed opinions about Valentine’s Day. Generally, they tend to support on of the following opinions: “Oh my god, I love Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend/girlfriend and I are so IN LOVE. I want everyone to know! Let’s eat chocolate and have an expensive dinner!” These people live for V-Day. Cupid got them bad. […]

Wegman’s Finds: Valentine’s Day Treats & More

If you are blessed enough to live near a Wegman’s, then you know just how truly magical the place can be. The moment you walk through the doors, you are greeted by a wonderland of sublime grocery goods and more. Wegman’s doesn’t just sell food, they sell the best food. Everything that comes out of […]

Baked Brownie Bites

Last week’s decadent Triple Chocolate Brownie Pie brought me an unforeseen blessing: leftover brownie batter. Now, some people might look upon that bowl of batter and think, “Great. What am I going to do with this?” But I never see extra food as a bad thing, especially when it comes to brownie batter. So what […]

Homemade Conversation Hearts

You know those chalky little multicolored heart candies that make an appearance every year at Valentine’s Day? Sweet, festive, and always baring a sappy, lovey-dovey message, they’re are a holiday classic. Conversation hearts are a go-to gift for V-Day, but they have their drawbacks. Have you ever been the unfortunate recipient of an awkward heart […]

Triple Chocolate Brownie Pie

How Brownie Met Pie Brownie’s life was blessed. She had everything a baked good could want. She had adoring fans, good looks, and she was lavishly rich (rich and fudgy, that is). But despite all this, Brownie was unhappy. She felt a constant void within her chocolatey core, calling out for something beyond her seemingly […]