S’mores Rice Krispie Treats

One thing that bothers me to no end is people who judge me for embracing my inner kid from time to time. Yes, I’m 18, going to be 19 in less than a month, but does that mean I need to buy some granny panties and get them in a bunch over every little thing? No. It most certainly does not.

No matter what your age, there is a young spirit in you somewhere. And choosing to repress it 24/7 may cause you to miss out every now and then. You are no better than I just because you don’t watch Disney movies anymore. Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pancakes with a smiley face made from whipped cream & bananas, nor does it mean you can’t watch an episode or two of Spongebob. The kid in us is quite possibly the best part of us. It’s the part that still remembers what it’s like to be carefree. No, you don’t need to lose all sense of maturity and parade around like an irresponsible 4 year-old, but enjoying a Happy Meal or looking at a couple of cute kittens from time to time is not going to kill you.

I have one thing to say to the people who think being adult means you can never act like a kid: loosen up; eat a Rice Krispie Treat.

See, that’s the other problem. People have this idea of “adult food.” Rice Krispie Treats don’t really fall under that category. Instead, we eat aspargus and liver, and that’s all fine and dandy. But who said I can’t enjoy a box of Lucky Charms every now and then (besides my metabolism)? If I’m craving a kid-friendly treat, then I’m going to eat it. You can put age limits on all the stuff you want, if you must. But don’t even try to tell me there’s an age limit on food.

So today, I am bringing together a homemade version of the childhood favorite snack, Rice Krispie Treats, with the greatest childhood summertime treat, s’mores. The result is an insanely delicious ooey, gooey snack packed with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and those crackling Rice Krispies. But, since we are adults after all, I sneaked in something more sophisticated too: browned butter. This stuff is liquid gold in the culinary world: rich, nutty, and deep in flavor.

Enjoy the iconic flavor of the s’mores you loved as a child with the beloved gooey, crispy texture of Rice Krispie treats. It’s the perfect way to bring out your inner kid.

A Few Tips Before You Get Cooking:

  1. If you have a Wegman’s, you should definitely pick up the S’mores Snack Mix I used in the recipe. If you don’t, never fear! I also provided ingredients to achieve the exact same effect.
  2. It’s super easy to double this recipe to feed a party or crowd.
  3. You don’t have to cut it like a pie like I did. You can stick to regular squares if that’s more your style.
  4. Browning the butter is not detrimental to the Rice Krispie Treats turning out, but it really amplifies the flavor.
  5. Never browned butter before? Don’t be afraid! It sounds a lot fancier than it is. All you do is cook butter until it turns golden brown. Bam.

S’mores Rice Krispie Treats


  • 4 tbsp. butter
  • 1 10-oz. package big marshmallows
  • 5 cups Rice Krispies
  • 1 cup S’mores Snack Mix (find it at Wegman’s) -OR- 1/3 cup milk chocolate chips + 1/3 cup Golden Grahams Cereal + 1/3 cup Jet Puffed Mallow Bites
  • 2 graham crackers, broken into small pieces


  1. Line two 8×8 cake pans with parchment paper. Spray with nonstick spray.
  2. In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter. Continue to cook until butter turns golden brown & forms brown specks. It should taste nutty. Do not over cook.
  3. Add the marshmallows and stir continuously until completely melted. Turn off heat and stir in the Rice Krispies. Add the s’mores snack mix (or chips, golden grahams, and mallow bites) and mix gently just until incorporated.
  4. Pour into prepared pans, distributing evenly. Use waxed paper (or spray your hands with nonstick spray) to press krispies down in an even layer. Press graham cracker pieces onto top and let set, about 20 minutes. Lift the treats out of the pan and slice. Store in an air-tight container.

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Colleen Bierstine


  1. I love mixing up my rice crispies, my favorite so far are my trail mix ones (on my blog if you want to try them!) I have to try these though, they look awesome! What a fantastic idea!

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  4. “…loosen up; eat a Rice Krispie Treat.” Amen to that, sistah! Hahah. I am definitely a kid at heart, even if I am turning 21 in a few months! I think I get it from my mom, who even at 50, is notorious for stopping by a playground to spend a few minutes giggling on the swings. I hope we never lose our youthful spirit. Perhaps it’s the best anti-aging remedy.

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