The Weekender: American Eats, Greedy Facebook, & a Recap

Since we celebrated America’s birthday this week, Smart Cookie was churning out patriotic eats and treats. What better way to say “I love the USA” than with food? Now, in case you were too busy having cookouts and watching fireworks to pop on the internet and see what was going on here at Smart Cookie…

Let’s review, shall we?

  1. Red, White, & Blue Pudding Pops
    Sure, these were dressed up to celebrate Independence Day, but you could make these without the food dye & enjoy homemade pudding pops.
  2. Wegman’s Wonders: July
    Check out all the amazing eats I found at Wegmans this time around.
  3. Red, White, & Blue Macaroons
    One seriously simple macaroon recipe.
  4. Red, White, & Blue Poke Cake
    An absolutely gorgeous cake soaked with strawberry & blueberry juice & topped with whipped cream frosting.
  5. Homemade Tortilla Chips
    3 ingredients = easy and delicious chips you make at home.

Plus, don’t miss my how-to video for making those crazy easy Tortilla Chips. You’ll be blown away by how simple they are…and how delicious they taste! If you want to catch all my videos before anybody else, then subscribe to my Youtube channel. That’s exclusive access right there!

Facebook has also been a great way to stay connected to Smart Cookie. However, they recently changed Pages so that my posts, and all other Pages’ posts, won’t show up in everyone’s newsfeed. Haven’t seen Smart Cookie Facebook updates in a while? That’s why. They’re trying to force everyone with a page to pay for advertising. Without shelling out cash, our updates and such won’t be visible to most of you.

I am appalled at Facebook to say the least. They have essentially screwed over their most loyal users. People with pages like myself rely on Facebook to stay connected with fans. It is/was a huge form of advertising and communication for us. Now, Facebook has sucker punched all of us and taken that away. I know I am not alone in that I cannot possibly pay for advertising. I am not made of money. Many of us us are now, for lack of a better word, screwed. Facebook, I’m disappointed in you. This is cheap, pathetic, and insensitive. But what else can I expect from a big-name corporation?


Consequently, I had to find another (free) form of communicating with you guys. Thus, Smart Cookie is now on Twitter! Make sure you follow me asap to get the latest Smart Cookie dish 24/7! If you don’t have a Twitter, never fear; I will still be on Facebook. However, with Facebook’s latest changes, I cannot guarantee you’ll see all my posts.

The Facebook debacle has been very upsetting. All of a sudden, likes and comments stopped coming. On top of that Foodbuzz is down (AGAIN). I rely heavily on Foodbuzz for comments and traffic, as do thousands of other Foodbuzz users. They have once again left us high and dry. So between Facebook and Foodbuzz, things have been rough, and honestly, I’m stressed. It’s discouraging to lose so many comments, likes, and what not.

I apologize. It’s incredibly unprofessional for me to whine like this. I’ve been battling with these website issues for a while now, and it gets hard not to speak up about it. I’m done complaining for the time being. Thank you for bearing with me!

On a brighter note, Thor has been around just about 24/7. He’s the stray cat I’ve mentioned in the past few editions of The Weekender. Thor basically lives on my front porch these days. Progress with him has been slow. He still won’t let me pet him. Sometimes, it gets very frustrating. But he’s so darn cute, that I never stay mad for long. Just look at him with his milk beard!

More on Thor in next week’s Weekender. For now, here’s a teaser for one seriously amazing meal coming this week. Hint: it uses my Homemade Tortilla Chips!

See you on Monday!

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Colleen Bierstine


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