The Weekender: Cake Catastrophes, a Recipe Review, & More

So I’ve just got to ask, where did this week go? I feel like it was just Mother’s Day yesterday, when in reality, that was a whole week ago (speaking of which, make sure you check out my tribute to Mother Cookie, aka the woman who makes this site possible). Maybe it was all the delicious food this week that made it seem like it went by so fast.

Let’s review, shall we?

  1. Mini Rainbow Sugar Cookies w/ Vanilla Glaze
    Soft, colorful, and bite-sized.
  2. Garlic Bread Pizza
    Super cheesy pizza w/ a garlicky, herbilicious crust.
  3. Butternut Squash & Kale Pizza
    It’s as delicious as it is pretty!
  4. Spinach Artichoke Nachos
    Love spinach dip? Love nachos? Now you don’t have to choose.
  5. Copy-Cat Confetti Cake Blizzards
    Dairy Queen has nothing on these homemade frozen treats.

Also, make sure you don’t miss the how-to video for making my Mini Rainbow Sugar Cookies. I’m throwing a party in the kitchen!

Despite the awesome eats this week, not everything was smooth eating.

You see, I was assigned the task of baking my friend’s birthday cake for her surprise party. I was honored, and happy to do so. However, I did not expect the catastrophes that would befall me in doing so.

I spent all day last Sunday baking the actual cake. I doubled an already ginormous chocolate cake recipe so that there would be plenty for everyone. This made for extra hard mixing and ridiculously long baking times in a oven where I can only fit one pan at a time. That was not the issue though. The cakes came out beautifully.

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The problems arose when I decided to freeze the cakes in order to keep them fresh until my friend’s birthday party, which was Tuesday. I covered ’em up good, popped ’em in the freezer, and went on my merry way.

Imagine my horror when I returned to the freezer the next morning to find that the door had been left ajar the entire night. The first thing I saw was the mini-pond accumulating on my basement floor, and then the steady stream of water dripping from the shelves. All of the food was soaked. Panic-stricken, I retrieved my container of cake from the now thawed freezer and apprehensively lifted off the lid.

Please don’t be ruined, please don’t be ruined,” I whispered.

Here’s the bad news: the top layer of cake was completely saturated and discolored like a sad soaked sponge. It was ruined. The good news is, I was able to salvage the bottom layer since the top layer had shielded it from the water. The even better news is that these layers of cake were so thick that I was able to cut the salvageable one in half to create two, normal-sized layers. I wasn’t happy to have to waste so much cake, but I was glad I at least had something useable, since I did not have the time to bake another cake.

Moral of the story: make sure your freezer door is closed all the way.

Everything did work out in the end though. I made a beautiful raspberry-filled chocolate cake with fudge frosting. It was delicious, and everyone loved it. Phew!

This week was actually full of parties. I had my friend’s party Tuesday, my father’s party Wednesday (happy 50th, Dad!), and on Friday, I had a pizza party at my house. But we’re not talking just any old pizza party; this was a guilt-free pizza party. I made personal pizzas for everyone, and they each got to customize their toppings. We all indulged in the cheesy goodness, but we didn’t have an ounce of guilt after. Impossible? I think not. You’ll see just how I did it later this week!

And on a not so healthy note, these cheesy taters will be making an appearance. I have one thing to say about them: YUM.

What did your week look like in food? What was your favorite thing you had to eat? Did you have any kitchen catastrophes like mine?

See ya on Monday!

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Colleen Bierstine


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad… what a great cake… BTW thanks for the honest comments today on Cavallo’s I am so disappointed… but oh well live and learn… tomorrow is a great review on another… I lived in Clinton too… Concord Blvd way before the town.. but loved it.. the shops area awesome.. love to come back to visit, but Florida is home now can’t change loving the warm weather and shorts all year round :)….. have a fabulous weekend!

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