Wegmans Finds: April 2012

Smart Cookie made the bi-monthly trek to Wegmans last weekend. I was in need of Weggie’s always amazing products and, as usual, I encountered a gold mine. Here are a few of my favorite edible treasures available at Wegmans right now.

  1. Biscoff Spread
    Yes, I FINALLY bought some. Talk about being behind in the Blogisphere. Biscoff Spread has exploded in the blogger world, creating buzz amongst foodies everywhere. Believe me, I would’ve tried it eons ago if my sub-par local grocery stores carried it. Luckily, Weggies has me covered.
    For those of you living in antiquated areas like my own where one cannot purchase anything good in the world, Biscoff is a spread with the consistency of peanut butter made from ground Biscoff cookies. In lament’s terms, that means: IT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Excuse my lack of restraint; I get really excited over my food obsessions. Its flavor reminds me of gingersnaps, only way better. Plus, the Crunchy variety that I bought has bits of caramelized cookies, as opposed to the Creamy which is entirely smooth. I’m sorry it took me so long to get on the Biscoff bandwagon!
  2. Cleaned & Cut Kale
    Yes, that’s right; this kale is cut AND cleaned already, which means no work for you! This is especially exciting if you’re a kale fiend like myself. I’ve been on a kale kick lately; I just can’t get enough of the stuff. This Cleaned & Cut Kale from Wegman’s is so convenient. I can just pull it out of the bag and get cooking; no fuss, no muss!
  3. Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Eggs
    Why is everything so much better in egg-form? I literally yelped with glee when I spotted these babies. I love me some Hershey’s Cookies & Cream (one of my all time favorite candy bars). The fact that I can now eat all that creamy cookie deliciousness in bite-sized eggs is life-changing.
    Me: “We buy these??”
    Mother: “Sure.”
    Me: “YEEEES!”
    I swear, I’m 18 years-old.
  4. Wegman’s Italian Classics Mushrooms with Cheese and Sausage
    I absolutely hate mushrooms, but I know a lot of people love ’em (my parents included; hence why these made their way into the cart). These stuffed cuties are made and sold fresh at Wegman’s. They’re overflowing with all kinds of delicious fillings. Although I can’t vouch from personal eating experience, I can tell you my family loves these guys. You buy them fresh, already assembled, then bake them at home. Wegman’s has a mind-boggling amount of other foods in their Ready to Cook line, everything from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes to quiche. Just about anything you could want, they’ve got. It’s made fresh (not frozen), so all you have to do is heat it up and eat.
  5. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Caramel Chai
    I just recently started drinking tea, even though I hate it. I was in need of a caffeine boost, so it was either tea or coffee (which I also hate). I figured I’d take the lesser of two evils and go with tea since it has so many health benefits. Therefore, as someone who very much dislikes the taste of tea, I can say that this stuff is pretty darn good. When the steaming water hits the tea bag, the whole kitchen fills with the caramel-chai aroma. However, the flavor is very mild and not sweet at all, so you can add sugar to control the sweetness however you like. I love the flavor, and the smell! 
  6. German Chocolate Cake
    I’ve expressed to you before my pure infatuation with Wegmans’ Bakery. It is absolutely incomparable to any other grocery store bakery in existence, and to most bakeries in general. They operate to the optimum quality of any professional bakery. They have a plethora of baked good, pastries, desserts, breads and more. The variety alone is enough the send anyone with a sweet tooth into a tailspin. Every time I stop in, I take home one of their scratch-made treats. This time, I chose their new German Chocolate Cake.
    Hello, Heaven. Layers of incredibly moist chocolate cake and sweet coconut filling studded with nuts comprise this cake. Chocolate frosting sits on top like an edible crown. Everything about it is delicious, from the cake to the filling to the frosting. Pure indulgence.

Well, my little cookies, that’s it for this Wegmans trip. Who knows what wonders my next trek to Weggies will bring!

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Colleen Bierstine


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