Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

Sweet & Simple: Honey Roasted Nuts

When it comes to flavors, sweet and salty treats provide the ultimate eating experience. They give a little bit of this and a little bit of that so you don’t have to choose when you snack sensors start calling to you. It’s the best of both worlds, a complex blend of sugar and salt to create multiple levels of flavor.

Honey is perhaps the most naturally sweet substance mother nature has bestowed upon us (besides sugar itself). It’s like sweet liquid gold. In contrast, nuts are the Earth’s natural salty snack. Combine the two, and you’ve got the pinnacle of salty-sweet snacks in the most basic form that nature intended.

These Honey Roasted Nuts are a handful of honey-kissed delight. With the perfect balance of salty and sweet, they are wonderfully satisfying to your snack attack cravings. They’ve even got a bit of heat that kicks in when you least expect it, spicing up your snacking experience. These aren’t your ordinary store-bought honey roasted peanuts; they’re fresh from the oven, made with real honey, and packing more flavor in one peanut than a whole jar of the store-bought stuff.

Besides being delicious, these nuts are quick and easy to make. Mix up the ingredients and give it a nice and toasty roast, and you’ve got yourself a snack. They’re the perfect finger food for Super Bowl celebrations, or for late-night self-indulging. To share or not to share? That’s up to you, my little cookies.

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