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How-To: Igloo Penguin Cake

Winter has finally fallen upon my home in CNY. I’m quite used to harsh winters here, but this year, it has taken Old-Man Winter a bit longer than usual to bestow his frozen wrath upon us. Well, the snow has finally hit us and the cold has settled in. At last, it feels like winter. Weather like this always brings to mind thoughts of frozen tundras, igloos, Antarctica, and the penguins who live in Antarctica. I decided I needed to recreate this wintery fantasy in an edible form, and so this Igloo Penguin Cake was born.

I love cake. I love penguins. Is there anything better than having them both in one place? This cake is absolutely adorable, almost too cute to eat. I say “almost” because the cake itself is too good to not eat. I could’ve used a boxed mix to make life a bit easier, but I am a scratch-baker, so I went for homemade. This Best Yellow Cake recipe is absolutely perfect. I never intended on stumbling upon the ideal yellow cake when I set out to build this igloo; I was merely looking for a base to build upon. However, what I found was an incredibly moist, fluffy, and delicious cake. The texture is perfect; the flavor is ideal. I will never bake another vanilla cake again.

Naturally, I employed my favorite Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream to cover this edible igloo. It’s smooth, easily spreadable, and undeniably delicious. I think it is truly the best frosting I’ve ever tried. So, between the delicious cake and the luscious buttercream, this winter wonderland confection is not only impressive to look at; it is heaven to eat as well.

This little Igloo Cake is the epitome of winter. It depicts an enchanted snow-covered scene on a chilly winter’s day, but the cute little penguins don’t seem to mind the cold at all. Although time-consuming to make, it’s not actually as difficult as it seems. The results are well-worth the time you put into this sweet, whimsical igloo.

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